Digital Identities & Ownership

As digital transformation continues to pick up steam across the business, we’re seeing a growing number of companies focus on digital identity as a critical area for innovation and growth. According to a study by Thales, an organization dedicated to digital identity research, there are currently over 80 digital identity projects underway or planned by […]

Cross Metaverse Avatars and Gaming skins

Gaming skins are not a new phenomenon but their popularity has been accelerating as more people venture into the metaverse. In the gaming industry, gaming skins are one of the biggest assets as they are not only traded for in-game items but also for real money. In the metaverse, gaming skins are utilized in many […]

Cross-Metaverse Avatars And Interoperability

Cross-metaverse avatars (CMA) are digital identities that a user can use to access different virtual environments. Each metaverse is a separate virtual world with its own rules and features. Cross-Metaverse Avatars gives users the ability to design and own their digital avatars by mixing digital assets from creators and brands around the world. Users can […]

Digital Assets and Digital Fashion

The normalcy of metaverse, seemingly progressing, has given a whole new value and platform to digital assets. As humanity would have it, the desire to be present in its entirety is the fuel that is increasing the popularity of metaverse worldwide. Metaverse has been around for some time, but the global population was not entirely […]